An Old KFC advertisement and a new one

I chose two KFC ads. One from the 1960s, and one that is from 2008. They are both promoting Kentucky Fried Chicken. In both of the ads I noticed that they are based around giving the women/mother of the family a night off from cooking for some fried chicken. The ad from the 1960s has a nice jingle that talks about Colonel Sanders relieving weary working women on Sundays from cooking. The 2008 ad is simpler, it just showcases the fried chicken but shows a very tempting triple chocolate mud pie closer to the person that would view the ad. And the statement in it is not as important, it is simply “Give mom a night off!” The intended audience is clearly families. I think both ads use ethos, because they seem to be based on the cultural spirit that women cook the dinner most of the time and may need a break from time to time. The details of both ads’ affect the argument made by the ads pretty well.

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